Staff FAQs

  • What are the hours I will be required to work?

    The camp day runs from 9am-4pm with extended morning from 7:15-9 and extended afternoon from 4-6. Counselors and Group Leaders will be working 8:30-4 and Lifeguards and Specialists will be working 9-3:30. However, your actual hours may extend if you are helping with before or after care or with arrivals and departures.

  • Is Camp Fun?

    Camp is one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever have. You will learn and grow a great deal after just one summer working at Everwood. While growing and learning, you get to be an inspiration to children, swim in the lake, jump off the wibit, make an s’more, catch a bug, hold a snake, and so much more while making lifelong friends.

  • Do I wear a Uniform?

    We like to have fun and look professional. Staff is required to wear a staff shirt that we provide as well as sneakers, socks, shorts, and a watch throughout the day. Flip Flops and water shoes are permitted down at the waterfront only.

  • Can I take time off?

    Consistency of staffing is important to our community so we do not encourage time off unless you are sick or it has been discussed and scheduled in advance with a Director as an unavoidable absence. Job interviews and non urgent medical appointments should be taken outside of Camp hours, whenever possible.

  • Do I have to swim?

    All of our staff go to the lake daily. If you are working in lower camp and middle camp (pre-k-4th grade), then it will be at least twice a day. If you are working in the upper camp, then it will be at least once a day for the swim and then more for boating, paddle boarding, etc. We ask that you wear a one-piece bathing suit or tankini (no Speedos) to allow you to be able to move and play freely.

  • What kind of support/feedback will I receive?

    We start with a thorough staff training before camp begins. This allows staff to get to know each other and the camp environment before the campers arrive. It is a time to ask questions, meet new people, play games, and learn the theories behind why we do what we do. All staff is given evaluations three times every summer. These evaluations provide feedback on how you are doing as well as allow you to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make things better for you and for camp. All Counselors and Group Leaders are supported by Division Leaders who are trained teachers. They are there to answer questions, help with any issues, and make your days at camp easier and fun. Our specialists are supported by our Head Counselors and Program Director as well as our Directors.

  • Do I need to pack a lunch every day?

    Yes, you will want to pack a lunch! Keep in mind that we are a peanut and tree nut free camp. We also have snacks once a day and popsicles at the end of EVERY day!

  • Can I take a bus to camp?

    Yes you can! We will have about 20 bus routes for 2021. You may ride the bus for free while saving on gas. there are also opportunities to make extra money being a bus counselor.

  • Can I use my cell phone at camp?

    Cell phones are not permitted on your person while at camp. However, everyone gets a 30-minute break daily and you are able to use your cell phone at that time in our break room. You may leave your cell phone in your car or bring a padlock and use one of our lockers to store your phone while at camp

  • But what if someone needs to reach me?

    We have two offices here at camp and a wonderful walkie-talkie system. There is always a way for you to be reached while at camp in case of an emergency.

  • When do I get paid?

    Everwood staff are paid on a bi-weekly pay basis through direct deposit beginning the Friday of week 2.