This is the Job You Want​

For Day Camp Staff

Dear Prospective Summer ‘21 Counselors,

Hello and WELCOME!

The journey to the best summer of your life begins here.  So pour yourself a glass of lemonade, slather on some sunscreen–whatever helps you get in that summertime state of mind–and then start imagining yourself as an Everwood Day Camp Counselor. The following pages will give you a sense of the responsibilities–and many rewards–of spending your summer working with us, and if you have any questions along the way, please just give us a holler.

All the Best (and Best of Luck),

Dane Pickles

Co-Director, Hiring Manager, Water Balloon Enthusiast

P.S., Just don’t spend too much time dreaming about joining our staff: it’s best to apply ASAP, as counselor slots fill up quickly!