COVID-19 2020 Enrollment and Policy Information


    At this time we will not be offering transportation to or from camp, or extended day services.  Based on the need to maintain consistent “cohort” groups of campers at Everwood (the equivalent of your family unit at home) we are unable to find an amenable solution to allow for appropriate screening and social distancing on the bus or during extended day services.  Parents must drop their child off at camp and pick up and will receive a schedule for this in the weeks prior to camp.


  • 2020 Camper Age Restrictions

    We have made the difficult decision that only children entering 1st grade through 10th grade will be able to attend Everwood this summer.  We know that this is heartbreaking for our preschoolers and their families as we’ve always prided ourselves on being a program that knows and loves our littlest ones.  That being said… we know that little ones need a lot of close proximity care and will have to follow health guidelines that are likely beyond their developmental abilities.   For those children who are of age it’s important to discuss and train steps for preventing the spread of infection with your child before camp begins. Entering 10th-grade campers participate in our Counselors in Training (CIT) program and are required to complete the CIT application process described in detail online. Please note that CIT participants also receive an additional 5% off of their tuition.

  • Proposed Safe Operation Procedures

    Updated May 23rd, 2020

    We continue to await permission to operate from the State of MA along with specific guidelines.  That being said the following is a possible framework in which we will be working this summer. This framework is based on the recommendations made by the American Camp Association in collaboration with Environmental Health and Engineering

    Physical Distancing and Masks: 

    I like to call it “physical” not social distancing because I believe that we still have the ability to be very social in a situation where we need to be physically 6 feet away from each other.  That being said, assuming this is what the state is thinking too, we are approaching our planning this summer using the “concentric group circles” model for infection prevention and control.  Each camper and counselor will be part of a cohort group that will be consistent for the entire camp session.  We are still waiting on guidance for the state’s recommendations on the size of this cohort group, but anticipate 10-20 including at least 3 staff members.  

    When campers and counselors are engaged in outdoor camp activities with their cohort group, they will not need to wear masks, and will not need to be 6 feet from each other.  If one cohort group is for some reason not able to maintain appropriate distance from another cohort group, they will be asked to wear masks.  Or if campers are for some reason indoors they may be asked to wear masks.   We are working to ensure that this is something that happens as little as possible, but every child will need to bring a mask with them to camp.  In addition, we plan to have very few activities happening indoors which is where masks are recommended the most at this time. 

    Hand washing/Sanitizing/Cleaning and disinfection

    Campers will be monitored for washing hands and/or sanitizing before and after each activity, and of course bathroom use.  In addition, we will have a team cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces and bathrooms on a prescribed schedule throughout the day.  In addition, each cohort group will likely have their own set of camp related equipment that their counselors will disinfect after use.  

    Program Changes: 

    There will be some changes to the program in order to comply with this group cohort model.  Most significantly, groups will not be combining for larger camp activities like electives, or large special events.  In addition, high touch activities that are difficult to clean or sanitize will be limited this summer (e.g., woodworking, gymnastics), and activities that have been typically run inside will be run outside (e.g., dance, arts and crafts). That being said, we have a wide range of program activities that we are planning including sports, arts, performing arts, adventure, nature, and aquatic activities.  

    Health Screening

    This is another area in which we await specific guidance.  The current plan is that we will screen all staff and campers when they arrive to camp, and campers will arrive at camp according to a schedule based on their cohort group. We expect to start drop off procedures around 8:35am and pick up procedures around 3:35pm.  In addition, families and staff will need to attest daily that their child has been symptom free with no known exposure to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. We are hoping we can do this online, and that the process is simple for families.  We will have more detailed information about this process as guidelines are released from the state. 

  • 2020 Sessions and Hours

    In order to maintain small and consistent cohort groups of campers at Camp we are shifting our available sessions at camp.  We will be running two 4 week sessions with the following dates: 

    Session 1:  June 29th-July 24th (Camp Closed July 3rd)

    Session 2:  July 27th- August 21st

    At this time we don’t have options available for shorter sessions, and sessions cannot be split.  Campers can select both sessions and attend 8 weeks. Campers who attend this summer must be enrolled in a full session and unfortunately we will not be able to make exceptions at this time.  


    Drop Off at Camp will begin around 8:35am and will be scheduled according to Camp Group.

    Pick Up at Camp will begin around 3:35 and will be scheduled according to Camp Group


  • 2020 Tuition Rates

    4 Week Tuition:  $2675

    8 Week Tuition:  $4895



  • Discounts and Credits

    Sibling Discount

    5% discount for the 2nd child enrolled, 10% discount for the 3rd child enrolled, and 15% discount for the 4th child enrolled or more. (Applied to additional campers for sessions of equal or lesser length.)

    Occupational Discount*

    5% discount for schoolteachers, school administrators, police, firefighters, EMTs, and non-active military. 10% discount for families of deployed military. (*One occupational discount per family and proof of employment required annually.)

  • Billing/Financial

    At this time full payment is due.  If circumstances related to COVID-19 impact Everwood’s ability to operate, we will issue families a refund and/or families will have an opportunity to roll over payments made to enrollment at Everwood in 2021.  In appreciation, if you roll over 50% of your paid tuition or more, we will honor 2020 rates for the 2021 season.   

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 781-694-5829 or email