COVID-19 2020 Enrollment and Policy Information


    At this time we will not be offering transportation to or from camp, or extended day services.  Based on the need to maintain consistent “cohort” groups of campers at Everwood (the equivalent of your family unit at home) we are unable to find an amenable solution to allow for appropriate screening and social distancing on the bus or during extended day services.  Parents must drop their child off at camp and pick up and will receive a schedule for this in the weeks prior to camp.


  • 2020 Camper Age Restrictions

    We have made the difficult decision that only children entering 1st grade through 10th grade will be able to attend Everwood this summer.  We know that this is heartbreaking for our preschoolers and their families as we’ve always prided ourselves on being a program that knows and loves our littlest ones.  That being said… we know that little ones need a lot of close proximity care and will have to follow health guidelines that are likely beyond their developmental abilities.   For those children who are of age it’s important to discuss and train steps for preventing the spread of infection with your child before camp begins. Entering 10th-grade campers participate in our Counselors in Training (CIT) program and are required to complete the CIT application process described in detail online. Please note that CIT participants also receive an additional 5% off of their tuition.

  • 2020 Important Camp COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

    Updated June 24th, 2020

    2020 Important Camp COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

     As Massachusetts moves into Phase 2, the families who join us for Summer 2020 are those who feel strongly that the benefits of their children being outdoors in a camp situation outweigh the potential health risks associated with COVID-19. We have reviewed the camp guidelines published this week by the MA Department of Public Health and have conferred with the Sharon Health Department. In concert with these guidelines, we believe there is a way forward to establish the required plan and maintain it to create a fun and responsible summer camp environment for everyone involved. Will all of our efforts eliminate all health risk? No.  That being said, with a well-planned and organized set of mitigation strategies, staff training and awareness, close collaboration with our Sharon Health Department, and partnership with our camp families, we can lower the risk of spread of COVID-19. 


    Here are some of the things we are planning to do:


    If your child has a medical condition that puts them at high risk for severe illness for Covid-19 (e.g. moderate to severe asthma, diabetes), it is critical that you provide a letter of clearance to attend camp from your child’s primary care physician/endocrinologist.  In addition, if someone in your child’s household is high-risk, it is recommended that you consult with your physician to determine if Camp activities are appropriate for your child and family.


    Every parent/guardian of a camper and every staff member (parent/guardian if under 18) must complete a virtual screening form each morning (ideally before 7:30 am) that they are to attend Camp.  Access to Camp will not be granted until this form has been completed.  Staff will receive an additional screening at camp including temperature check.  Campers will not be temperature checked on site.  

    As per the MA DPH guidelines, we will use a small group strategy, avoid groups mixing, and keep our groups together throughout the day. To establish our groups in the morning camp families will have a specific scheduled drop-off time (to be announced ASAP). We know that for those of you with multiple children, this may mean that you have more than one drop-off time. Please plan accordingly and be patient with us as we work through these logistics.


    Campers and counselors will engage in outdoor activities almost every period of every day. This includes camp programs that have traditionally been “indoor” activities (e.g., arts and crafts, dance).  When indoors, Campers will be asked to wear cloth masks and maintain 6 feet apart.


    Campers and counselors will be organized into “groups” that will remain together all day, every day. These groups will not exceed 10 campers and 2 counselors unless the state allows us to expand group size as public health continues to improve. Groups will not come within 6 feet of contact with each other, except in uncommon situations when social distancing cannot be maintained (e.g., rainy days, or some emergency situations). For these situations when safety is paramount, campers and counselors will carry masks with them at all times and they will be instructed to wear them when within less than six feet of others.

    In addition, Campers and counselors will be advised to keep six feet of distance from their camp group members as much as possible, but kids are kids, and we are assuming that there will be times where this does not happen. Campers WILL NOT be asked to wear masks if they can keep 6 feet away from others and when engaged in active outdoor play. 

    Here’s a chart to help to clarify the ins and outs of face coverings at camp…

    Masks On Masks Off
    When inside When Swimming
    While transitioning between activities if not able to keep 6 feet away from members of their own cohort While engaged in physical activity (no contact sports)
    When not able to keep at least 6 feet between other cohort groups While eating (will be 6 feet away from others)
    When arriving to camp  When taking a “Mask break”  If needed campers can be physically distant without a mask
    If more than 6 feet away from another and outside




    Families will need to supply at least 2 clean cloth masks or face coverings for their child to allow for replacing the covering as needed.  Masks should be cleaned daily, CLEARLY LABELED, and masks should be clearly marked to distinguish which side of the covering should be worn facing outwards.  Face coverings like neck gators, or those with shirt clips are recommended so they are not lost throughout the day.



    Campers and Staff will be instructed in proper hand washing techniques and will be required to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.  Everwood will also be using liquid hand sanitizer during times that hand washing isn’t available or easily accessible.  More specifically, hand-washing/sanitizing will occur:

    • Upon entry into and exit from program space
    • Before and after eating
    • After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing
    • After using the restroom
    • Before handling any food
    • After using any shared equipment
    • After contact with facemask


    We will also be encouraging and teaching other healthy habits including covering coughs and sneezes, not sharing drinks or food, and proper use of hand sanitizer. 



    Bathrooms and common high-touch areas/surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals throughout the camp day, and all buildings will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.  Specialists will disinfect all shared equipment between each group that visits their activity, and group counselors will disinfect all equipment assigned to their group after each use. 

    For 2020, Campers must come to camp with their own dedicated personal floatation device/life jacket that is provided by families.  Life jackets must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved – USCG Approved Type III Device appropriate for your child’s weight and clearly labeled with your child’s name.


    We are carefully planning a variety of activities from sports, to arts, waterfront, and adventure that will allow for an engaging camp day for campers of all ages.  That being said, we’ve had to cancel some activities that would involve cross-group exposure (e.g., swim lessons), activities that cannot be properly disinfected between uses (e.g., high ropes course , arrow tag) or activities that would require close contact (e.g., contact sports).  Sport skills and drills and other modification of activities like soccer and basketball will continue this summer!


    While we have a lot of indoor spaces at Everwood, based on the MA DPH guidelines, we need to carefully consider how we plan for rainy days.  At this time, if we have a situation in which we expect rainy weather for the entire day, we do not plan to open camp that day.  While planning for short term wet weather is something we can do, the full rainy day impacts our COVID-19 mitigation strategies tremendously.  Please be prepared to keep your child at home if the weather conditions require us to cancel camp for the day.  We will notify families by 8 pm the night before. We will plan to refund your tuition for more than 3 days missed due to weather in your child’s session at Camp. 



    It is important that all children have access to an authorized responsible adult that is within 30-45 minutes travel to camp at any time, just in case a camper pick-up is needed

    Camper/Staff member presents with symptom(s) while at Camp

    In accord with MA DPH guidelines, if a child presents during Camp with a symptom(s) of COVID-19, they will be brought to the Health Center for evaluation, and then sent home with the expectation that they need to be seen by their primary care provider. The child’s medical provider will either rule out COVID-19 by providing an alternate diagnosis OR may recommend that the child be tested for COVID-19. If a child’s medical provider cannot determine that the symptom(s) is something other than COVID-19, then the child would need to either receive a negative COVID-19 test OR be quarantined at home for 10 days.


    If there is a COVID-19 Positive Case at Camp

    Sick children or staff members who have tested COVID-19 positive OR symptomatic and presumed by their medical provider to have COVID-19, must not return until they have met the criteria for discontinuing home isolation and have consulted with their medical provider. Camp will notify families and staff about exposure while maintaining confidentiality. In addition, the Sharon Health Department will be notified. 

    All campers and staff that have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive or presumed positive case will be sent home and required to stay at home for 14 days after the last day of contact with the person who is sick. 

    In the circumstance of a reported COVID-19 positive Staff or Camper, all potentially exposed facility areas and equipment will be closed until professionally cleaned and disinfected.

    We will continue to monitor MA DPH guidelines and will make updates to these procedures as the public health authorities update their guidance.


    Based on the MA DPH guidelines, we will not be providing refrigeration for lunches, BBQ lunch on Friday, nor any snacks that are not individually packaged. In addition, we DO NOT recommend personal water bottles this summer as these containers are difficult to clean while at camp. We will be providing water stations with disposable cups throughout campus. Spigots will be cleaned between groups.


    As the state begins to open and as our physical distancing guidelines are relaxed, we know that families will be gradually opening their circles of contacts as well as making choices to travel.  While we certainly cannot impose restrictions on your actions when your child is not at Camp, we hope that you will make careful choices, considering others that will spend time in the company of your child during their time at Everwood. Please be diligent, ask questions of friends and family, and notify us immediately if you learn that there has been an exposure.

    In order to minimize the risk, during the camp season and for two weeks thereafter you will use your best efforts to minimize any contact between your child and anyone considered medically vulnerable under CDC guidelines.

    We are committed to supporting our children and our families as we build our new normal.  We know that together, with clear and open communication, we can create safe spaces for our children to thrive.  

  • 2020 Sessions and Hours

    In order to maintain small and consistent cohort groups of campers at Camp we are shifting our available sessions at camp.  We will be running two 4 week sessions with the following dates: 

    Session 1:  June 29th-July 24th (Camp Closed July 3rd)

    Session 2:  July 27th- August 21st

    At this time we don’t have options available for shorter sessions, and sessions cannot be split.  Campers can select both sessions and attend 8 weeks. Campers who attend this summer must be enrolled in a full session and unfortunately we will not be able to make exceptions at this time.  


    Drop Off at Camp will begin around 8:35am and will be scheduled according to Camp Group.

    Pick Up at Camp will begin around 3:35 and will be scheduled according to Camp Group


  • 2020 Tuition Rates

    4 Week Tuition:  $2675

    8 Week Tuition:  $4895



  • Discounts and Credits

    Sibling Discount

    5% discount for the 2nd child enrolled, 10% discount for the 3rd child enrolled, and 15% discount for the 4th child enrolled or more. (Applied to additional campers for sessions of equal or lesser length.)

    Occupational Discount*

    5% discount for schoolteachers, school administrators, police, firefighters, EMTs, and non-active military. 10% discount for families of deployed military. (*One occupational discount per family and proof of employment required annually.)

  • Billing/Financial

    At this time full payment is due.  If circumstances related to COVID-19 impact Everwood’s ability to operate, we will issue families a refund and/or families will have an opportunity to roll over payments made to enrollment at Everwood in 2021.  In appreciation, if you roll over 50% of your paid tuition or more, we will honor 2020 rates for the 2021 season.   

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 781-694-5829 or email