Swim Instruction at Everwood

Do campers learn to swim in a pool or at the lake?

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are building a heated teaching pool!  Campers entering Pre-K- entering 2nd grade (4-7years) will learn to swim in the new pool.   Young campers with significantly advanced swim abilities that need deeper water for skills such as diving, will continue to use the lake during swim instruction.

Campers in 3rd and 4th grade will continue as they have in the past with swim instruction at the lake.  Campers entering 5th grade and up will continue to have the option to choose swim instruction as an elective, and will swim in the lake.

What about Free Swim?

All of our campers have a period each day where they can choose if they want to swim or play on the beach with friends, or both! It’s a great open free play time!  Free swim for all of our Campers will continue to be at the lake, giving our youngest campers the best of both worlds when it comes to aquatics!  During free swim at the lake, our lifeguards closely supervise swim areas while our camp counselors play with our campers in the water ensuring low adult to camper ratios and close monitoring of all swimmers. Campers will stay in shallow water, unless they have demonstrated a specific set of skills proving they can swim in deeper swim areas (American Red Cross Level 3).

Can you tell me more about your swim curriculum?

Our goal for our swim program is to teach water safety and instill in all students a true love for the water.  In fact we want our campers to love it so much they could live in the water.  To achieve this our goal is that all swimmers feel safe, balanced, comfortable, and happy in the water. This is how swimming and a love of water becomes a skill for life!

Our new and updated curriculum has been developed over many years of teaching experience and have proven effective in teaching children to swim. The curriculum focuses on learning breath control, bouyancy and balance in the water.  All our instructors will follow our progressions and lesson plans to insure consistent, effective classes.  Classes will incorporate lots of fun games, songs, and unique equipment to motivate every child.

What are your staff to child rations during swim instruction?

During swim instruction we typically have up to 6 children and two instructors with each group of swimmers.  In addition, lifeguards supervise from poolside/dockside.

Will I receive updates on my child’s progress during swim?

Yes!  We send weekly updates on progress via email.  Should you have any specific questions about the progress your child is making during swim lessons please reach out to your child’s division leader or our waterfront team at swim@everwooddaycamp.com.