2021 FAQs

  • Did you open in 2020?

    YES!  We are very proud of the efforts of our entire camp community last summer.  It was an extraordinary summer as we were one of the first organizations to enter back into the child care space.  We had tremendous confidence in the guidance received both from the Department of Public Health along with our industry governing body The American Camp Association.  All of our families, campers and staff were committed to a safe summer season and we had no cases of COVID-19 among any of our campers, families or staff.  On top of this… our community had so much FUN!  We creatively adapted our program to allow for a variety of activities, and our groups became closer than ever as they understood the opportunity they had to participate in Camp.  We learned so much and are more than ready to welcome our community back for another AWESOME summer at EVERWOOD!  

  • What are you doing to ensure the health and safety of my child in 2021?


    While many remarkable strides have been made in the past 12 months since we were all introduced to COVID-19, at this time it is unlikely that the Summer of 2021 will involved full herd immunity. The families who join us for Summer 2021 are those who feel strongly that the benefits of their children being outdoors in a camp situation outweigh the potential health risks associated with COVID-19. We continue to review the camp guidelines published by the MA Department of Public Health and have conferred with the Sharon Health Department. In addition, we are closely connected to the American Camp Association’s national task force responsible for guidelines for safe summer camp operation. In concert with these guidelines, and with our experience running COVID-free in 2020 we are confident there is a way forward to create a fun and responsible summer camp environment for everyone involved.

    Will all of our efforts eliminate all health risk? No.  That being said, with a well-planned and organized set of mitigation strategies, staff training and awareness, close collaboration with our Sharon Health Department, and partnership with our camp families, we can lower the risk of spread of COVID-19. CLICK HERE to learn more about out Protocols.

  • What are the ages of campers allowed at Everwood in 2021?

    In 2021 we are excited to welcome back our youngest campers (4 years old). Our oldest campers are entering 10th grade and join our CIT program.  To learn more about what the CIT program will look like in 2021 click here

  • How many weeks should I sign my child up for?

    While our minimum session length is 2 weeks, it’s typical for families to enroll for an average of 6 or more weeks.  Every week at Everwood is different and is sure to engage your camper whether they are 4 or 14.  In addition, campers will stay in the same group with the same staff throughout their stay at camp, and campers are only allowed to begin sessions on certain weeks.  Thus improving the consistency and opportunity for building relationships with campers and staff, and also of course, minimize your families exposure to a number of different individuals. 

  • Do you offer transportation or extended day options?

    Yes!  We are offering transportation from many communities surrounding Sharon.  Depending on your bus stop location, there may be a charge of $75-100 per week.  You can CLICK HERE to learn more about transportation options available in 2021.  You are always able to drop your child off at Camp if the transportation options don’t suit your family.

    For an additional cost, before care is available from 7:15am- 8:45am and after care is available from 4:00pm- 6:00pm. 


    AM Care: 7:15am-8:45am $75/Week*

    PM Care: 4:00pm-6:00pm $90/Week*

    BOTH AM AND PM: $125/Week*

    *Daily rates are not available.  Families must commit to a whole week of care. 

    During this time, we offer a combination of games, crafts, and athletics, all supervised by our wonderful counselors! Campers will be kept in small cohort groups during our extended day programs

  • How many campers and staff will be in my child’s group?

    We are still awaiting specific guidance from the Department of Public Health around cohort sizes. The typical group consists of 15- 20 campers depending on age,  One “Group Leader” (college-aged or older) and up to two “Counselors” (HS Junior, Senior or older), depending on the age and size of the group. This team of counselors stays with your child’s group/cohort throughout the day and will join forces with our talented team of specialists (program instructors) once they arrive at various activities throughout camp.  Specialists maintain strict social distancing, hand hygiene and mask protocols when interacting with our camp cohorts as do our Division Leaders who support and supervise our group leaders and general counselors. 

  • Do you have Swim Instruction this summer?

    This is still an open question, and very much dependent on the guidelines to come from the Department of Public Health (the department that provides us our license to operate camp).  In 2020, based on the close/unmasked contact associated with swim instruction it was not recommended.  We are working with the DPH as well as brainstorming with camp industry leaders to find safe ways we can continue to build this life skill for our campers.  All Everwood Campers, regardless of age, have a daily “Free Swim.” If instruction is not able to be provided, all campers must wear a life jacket in water over 2.5 feet deep.

  • Will there be an elective program at Everwood in 2021?

    Based on our need to keep our campers within their group cohorts, we’ll be creatively adapting our traditional elective program.  While in traditional summers campers mix across a camp division for electives, this year we will be giving groups a “choice period” in which they can choose from a smaller group of traditional elective activities.  There will certainly still be a lot of wonderful activities that can’t be done at home!   

  • What do you do on rainy days?

    One of the unique features of the Everwood property is the number of buildings we have on campus.  We have also added several tented/covered spaces.  If there are passing showers or storms we have plenty of well ventilated space to keep everyone safe under cover for short periods of time.  If we there will be a substantial storm causing a “wash out” camp day, it is possible, that we will close camp for the day.  One “rain day” per two week session should be considered as a possibility… if we have more days cancelled Everwood will refund your tuition for that day.  Also… always remember…if it’s safe to be outside (no thunder and lightning) we’ll still play in the rain!

  • Should my child bring a lunch?

    Yes! Please pack a peanut and tree nut free lunch for your child Monday- Friday.  Everwood Day Camp is a peanut and tree-nut friendly facility. This means that all food products that are provided by Everwood are completely peanut and tree nut free. In addition, all families are asked to send their child to Camp with food products that are also peanut and tree-nut free.  For 2021 you will also need to pack an ice pack and/or place in an insulated container as we are not refrigerating lunches.

  • Do you provide snacks and drinks?

    Yes! We provide a morning and afternoon snack and drink, and water is available at all times at various stations throughout the property.  All our snacks are pre-packaged and individually wrapped, and based on the health recommendations no water bottles are allowed to be carried/refilled throughout the day.  Instead we have disposable cups that campers can use when at water stations.

  • Anything unique my child should bring with them to Camp?

    Aside from the typical Camp supplies (towel, sunscreen, water shoes, hat etc), your child will need at least 3 clean face coverings as well as their own life-jacket (Type 3 PFD) to wear during water activities.  We ask this as life-jackets are a difficult item to clean and sanitize at the frequency they are used in our program.   

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be Licensed by the local Board of Health. All parents have the right to review our complete background check, health care, behavior and discipline policy and grievance procedures upon request.