2018 Bus Schedule

Bus Transportation

At Everwood, the fun starts from the minute your child steps onto the bus! From the first stop to the last, our buses are staffed with specially trained bus counselors who involve every camper in an interactive program of songs, games, puzzles and arts. Our safe and friendly drivers are fully licensed and have experience driving children. Also, all of our buses have seat belts which all campers are required to wear while riding the bus.

We have pick-up and drop-off locations in towns throughout the Greater Boston area and in Providence. Round trip bus transportation is included in your child’s tuition!

Please note the different bus schedules throughout the summer and choose the appropriate link.

2018 Bus Schedule

Weeks 1-3

Weeks 4-6

Weeks 7-8

Week 9


In the morning, please arrive 10 minutes prior to these times, as the buses will not wait past their departure times and will continue on to the next stop as scheduled.

In the afternoon, please arrive to your bus stop 10 minutes prior to these times to ensure the bus continues on to the next stop in a timely manor. Afternoon PM times may vary due to traffic and/or checking ID procedures for persons picking up Campers at each bus stop.

Please see the Transportation FAQs section of our website to review all transportation policies and procedures. If you have any questions regarding transportation, policies, or procedures, please don’t hesitate to email Nikki at nikkis@everwooddaycamp.com!